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We have developed some free fun activities to help you practise your critical thinking skills at home and to give a taste of some of the content covered in our courses and workshops

Watch our session from Potential Plus UK's vPlus Festival

Recorded in Spring 2021, we ran this session as an introduction to critical and creative thinking. Watch to learn how and when you need to apply critical thinking skills and to get some practical techniques to enable you to develop and practise them in everyday life.


If you ask 10 different people that question, you’re very unlikely to get the same answer twice...

“I was brought up to believe every story had at least three sides,” read a comment on our Facebook page this week...

In this 6-page document you'll learn

  • Why advanced critical thinking skills give children an edge

  • 5 activities you can do at home to help your child develop a critical thinking mindset

Image by José Ignacio Pompé

The benefits of a good book don’t stop when you get to the final page. And while we don’t want to turn everything we read into an academic exercise, it’s worth taking time after finishing a book to ask some questions about it.

Your child almost certainly knows what their favourite chocolate bar is, but getting them to try and talk about it continuously for 2 minutes will help them develop some really important life skills. 

In this video workshop you'll learn:

  • How to examine a controversial issue, in this case the impact of excessive meat consumption on the environment and on health;

  • How to explore an issue from a variety of angles

  • How to examine possible solutions

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