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Students are housed in the rooms that Oxford University undergraduates at Lady Margaret Hall use during term time. They are individual rooms that are simple, clean and furnished with a single bed, wardrobe, desk and chair. Rooms are cleaned daily, with bedsheets and towels changed every three days. Students will only ever stay on floors with people of the same sex with whom they will share bathrooms and small kitchenettes.

Individual rooms help to ensure that students get a good night’s sleep and are able to keep up with the demanding pace of the course. They also provide opportunity for quiet study.

Students will have a fob attached to their room key that gives them access to all areas of the college that they will require (but with a timed mechanism that prevents unauthorised exits!) A porter is stationed at the entrance of the college 24/7 ensuring a safe and secure environment.


All lessons and workshops will take place within the college. Teaching rooms are all light, bright and spacious, and students will also make use of the LMH’s larger functions such as the historic wood-panelled Talbot Hall and the brand-new, high-spec Simpkins Lee Theatre.

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