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We offer courses, one-off workshops and 1:1 tuition to suit a variety of timetables and preferences including half-term and holiday courses, and weekend workshops.

Catalyst Director, Alex, explains why critical thinking is so important for young people today

Curriculum Director Tom Ziessen talks about what young people learn in our sessions

Group learning vs individual learning

Group classes offer excellent opportunities for peer interaction, live debate practice and building students' confidence and fluency when talking or presenting to others. We keep classes small so that there is plenty of opportunity for tutor feedback as well.

One-to-one tutoring is a great way to give students' more focused support and help them become more articulate, as well as understanding and learning to talk and write about complex ideas. For students who are less confident in a group setting, it is a very safe environment in which to try out talking about unfamiliar ideas.

group Workshops

  • 2-hour workshops 

  • Max 10 students to a class

  • Learn debating, improve your interview or presenting skills or explore a topical controversial topic as a critical thinker

  • Choice of morning or afternoon slots

  • Friendly environment in which to build confidence and fluency

  • Plenty of tutor feedback

  • Session topics can be tailored for those
    who are interested in organising a bespoke group workshop 

from £40 per student

one-to-one Tuition 

  • 1:1 Tuition - Individual coaching with one
    of our experienced tutors to develop
    and practise critical thinking skills 

  • Bespoke lessons carefully tailored to each student's needs and interests

  • Available to students anywhere in the world at a that best suits them

  • Excellent support for those who have lost confidence through missing out on teacher interaction over the course of the pandemic

"The feedback about the sessions was unanimously positive and the students were very appreciative. The main benefits they identified were as follows:

 - Being forced to think about questions they could prepare for and getting feedback from their peers on their delivery was effective

- The activity in which they answered questions that they couldn’t prepare for had a big impact on them;

- They liked the spontaneity and interactivity of the workshop;

- The workshop helped them identify key issues and fix them in a constructive and personalised way;

The tutor was friendly and kind, and helped them to feel more at ease.”

Head of Year 13, Camden School for Girls (Oxbridge interview workshop)

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What to expect

All tutors are graduates from Oxford or Cambridge University. They are enthusiastic, dedicated, and enjoy fostering understanding of complex issues in a way that makes them engaging and personally relevant to students. 


They will be teaching a curriculum developed by Oxford Catalyst, allowing them to keep content consistent while bringing their own personal character and flair to the lessons.

Tutors are highly skilled at reaching a balance between giving positive encouragement and offering  constructive criticism. They help students develop develop an independent perspective, a questioning mindset, and a creative approach to problem-solving.  


"Albert definitely got better at debating through taking part in the 'Introduction to debating' workshop: it was a good length and he

developed skills in analysis and listening. He thought the tutor was very nice and would like to do another workshop in the future." 

Parent of Albert, 13, UK

Why are these
courses needed?

it is more important than ever that children and young people are not just taught facts, but taught how to think clearly and communicate effectively. 


Knowledge is available to all of us at the tap of a screen. What we really need to succeed in a globalised and increasingly automated world are the transferable skills that enable us to use knowledge effectively: critical and creative thinking, shrewd analysis, the ability to process and synthesise information, the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively. These skills sit at the heart of the Catalyst programme.


"Geena really enjoyed her course and felt she gained a lot from it. We only wish it was on-going. She found her tutor very engaging and fun. I could hear her laughing from the other room, which is so lovely as I want her to enjoy learning. 


The structure of the sessions worked for Geena. She felt motivated and supported. I think it has given her confidence and drive a boost – as a mum, I can see a change! We would love to continue with sessions in order to build on what she has learnt so she just continues to become stronger and more confident. Thank you – I'm so glad we found you!" 

Parent of Geena 15, UK

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