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Tutors on our online and residential courses are graduates from Oxford and/or Cambridge University with at least two years' teaching experience. They are enthusiastic, dedicated, and enjoy fostering understanding of complex issues in a way that makes them engaging and personally relevant to students. Collectively they offer a wealth of experience across many different spheres and include a historian, a Physics teacher, a science communicator, an inventor, an engineer and a biochemist. Their other interests include marine biology, running, cooking, theatre, museums, tennis, travel and language learning.

Catalyst tutors are recruited on the basis that they have the right skills to be able to coach students to develop their way of thinking, to challenge them to ensure they stretch themselves and help them develop well thought-through views and ideas and the ability to communicate them effectively to others. 
We are not aiming to be a traditional tuition agency or to teach the school curriculum, rather we have devised our courses, workshops and approach to tuition in order to teach students critical thinking and creative skills that will equip them for success at school, university and in their future careers and lives.

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