We are currently offering our online courses at an introductory price of just £440 per student.
Summer Course Dates & Pricing


Our courses run in different formats to allow you to study at a pace that suits you and your timetable.  All course formats offer the same content.


In addition to the formal taught sessions each course includes additional social sessions for students to get to know each other better plus a graduation session at the end where out tutors will present students their graduation certificates and individual feedback. 


If you are interested in attending one of our courses, but the above times do not work for you please contact us with your preferred dates and time and we will aim to create a timetable that meets your needs. 

We are currently offering our courses at an introductory price of just £440 per student. Please contact us for details of sibling discounts.

We would like as many students as possible to access our courses. If you are a low-income family or student and would like to learn with us but are worried about the course fee, please email us to find out how we can help.


4 Weeks

One module per week (3 x two-hour sessions)  
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-10am  

Socials: Introductory social 9-9.30am on the Sunday before the course starts, thereafter 10-10:30am on first three Fridays 

Graduation: 10-10:30am on final Friday  


6 July – 31 July 

13 July – 7 August 


Two Weeks

Two modules a week, 2 hours daily   

Monday – Saturday 8-10am  

Socials: 9-9:30am Sunday before course starts and 10-10:30am Wednesdays and first Saturday 

Graduation: 10-10:30am on final Saturday 

6 July – 18 July 

13 July – 25 July  

20 July – 1 August  

27 July – 8 August  

All timings are in GMT